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Access our exclusive report on the rapidly expanding sports and active nutrition market


With Euromonitor forecasting the active and performance nutrition market to hit €5bn by 2015, competition in this sector is growing as food and beverage manufacturers look to expand and diversify their product portfolios to profit from the rise in everyday active consumers.

Fi Conferences’ Advances in Sports and Active Nutrition will explore specific markets that can be tapped into by adapting traditional sports nutrition products. Understand which ingredients promote weight management, healthy ageing and energy and alertness for the everyday consumer. Explore how best to incorporate these ingredients and market products to these groups.

Critical topic areas covered in the agenda include: 

Plus, join us for an interactive technical workshop on innovating and developing new everyday energy products with a great taste – moving away from drinks and powders.

Companies that have attended our previous sports and active nutrition events include:

• Abbott Nutrition • Bio-Synergy • Coca-Cola • Dairy Crest • Danisco DuPont • Danone • Dextro Energy • DSM • ESSNA • Gencor Pacific • GlaxoSmithKline • Huegli • MaxiNutrition • Natural Sports Nutrition • Optimum Nutrition • Volac International

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